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Beach Gladiator


Beach Gladiator 1.5oz roll-on bottle
Premium anti-chafe, roll-on liquid delivered to you free of charge – no shipping cost!
Apply directly to skin on the area that will be exposed to friction, rubbing or irritation.

  • All day waterproof protection
  • Non toxic and non staining
  • Works great on inner thighs, nipples, feet and under arms

Ingredients – Dimethicone, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, tocopherol, vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil, calendula officinalis (calendula) flower extract

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Have you ever gone swimming, running, or cycling and developed a rash or sore spot? We all have! Beach Gladiator is a roll on product that creates a thin protective layer on your skin, preventing friction that is generated during these activities.

Beach Gladiator helps protect the inner thighs and other common rubbing areas from becoming irritated. Rubbing (whether skin to skin or skin to clothing) often causes a painful rash. When applied, Beach Gladiator creates a slick protective barrier that shields the skin from rubbing and friction. Beach Gladiator is great for those who surf, swim, boogie board, paddleboard, kayak, or scuba dive. It’s also great for walking, running, biking and playing in the beach elements, sand and salt water. No more Spandex under your clothing to keep from chafing and rash – this is rash guard in a bottle. Common problem areas tend to be the inner thighs, nipples, feet, and under arms. Beach Gladiator can be removed with regular soap and water. This is a non-petroleum based product so it wont harm clothing, wetsuits, or the environment. Directions: Apply directly to the skin at the problem area. It is more effective when applied before the problem occurs, but can be applied any time to areas exposed to friction. Beach Gladiator prevents the rash, but also has several natural ingredients that are known to help heal the skin, in case the rash has already occurred (calendula flower, aloe, coconut oil, vitamin E).

4 reviews for Beach Gladiator

  1. via Facebook

    Works Superb!

    I got this stuff on Amazon- 2 day shipping. My son has ALWAYS gotten a rash, everytime we went to the beach or even a water park, from the time he was able to walk, within an hour he would have a rash. I had to buy him UV suits, I paid $50 for one at a little shop on the beach, just because they were so hard to find 8 or 9 years ago, he got too big for the UV suits and had to go to swim trunks, I tried EVERYTHING I could, even tight boxer briefs, absolutely nothing worked. I tried diaper cream, ointments anything I could, we would just have to let him play for a little while and then constantly changed swim suits during the day, one time I even had to put napkins between his thighs. I bought this stuff a week before we went on vacation, today was our first day at the beach. He’s 10. For the first time in his life – HE DID NOT GET CHAFFED ! Even with sand! I can not believe I finally found this stuff ! I will be ordering more so it lasts through the summer. I did think it was a bigger bottle, but now that I have seen how well it works, I don’t care! I’m stocking up! I give this product an 11 out of 1-10! I’m not a paid spokesman! THIS STUFF WORKS. I even used some on his belly because he likes to play on the boogie board! Although he wears a UV shirt, the only thing I would question is if you should put sunscreen on first or after applying the product if you’re applying to body parts that would be exposed to the sun.

  2. Lisa P

    Great for Cycling!

    Works great! I use it for cycling and on my kids

  3. George M

    Long lasting – rolls on easy!

    This is a really nice product, high performance, long-lasting, easy roll on, I use it everyday. Multiple applications depending on the sport I am doing or not just keeping your situation smooth. I highly recommend this product for everyone kids, adults and moms!!!

  4. The Grande Family

    Life Changer

    My family and I love the beach and spend our summers at the Jersey Shore. My two sons (8 & 5) would get the worst rashes from a long day of swimming in the ocean. This summer we stumbled across Beach Gladiator at a Boardwalk beach shop. It has changed our lives! The rash is gone! All day swimming and playing in the sand is fun again! We are so happy with your product!!

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